Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The River Wild

A few weeks ago when I was at the cottage, my cousins, brother and I decided that we'd do a float trip down the river. We set off and it quickly took a dangerous turn when I realized we were approaching HUGE rapids! It was all funny because we made it out safely, but we're just lucky that no one got sucked down. After dragging ourselves out of the river (with our unconventional rafts in tow) and heading downstream a bit, we had an awesome time in the fast flowing current- sans rapids!

Getting ready to go. We had no idea what was in store for us...

Me and my buddy! (yes, i look a little nuts! haha)

Only the beginning of the "danger zone"!

The calm before the storm...


freeteyme said...

Oh my, scary! glad you all got back safe and had fun!

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I would have died, that's scary!
Thank Goodness everyone survived it but it does look like a FUN trip !


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