Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bright Tights!

Before my exam yesterday, I did a little bit of Christmas shopping. I also picked up some fun coloured tights!
I have 1 exam left tomorrow and then I'm free until January! This morning we had our fashion illustration exam which was a lot fun! Best exam ever- I got to colour! No complaints here! Okay, I'm off to study. It's pouring rain here and there are tornado warnings everywhere so that means some snuggling under my electric blanket! 

Shop alert: I got this Theory dress a few weeks ago and I can't wait to wear it! I love the colour and the very subtle shine.


Krystina said...

that is a super cut dress!!!
Can you bring it to the sunshine state so i can wear it before i have to go back to parka-wearing country?!


Krystina said...

***super cute dress...

i promise to type more carefullly

Anonymous said...

Do you think I could squeese into it?


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