Monday, December 8, 2008

Pucker Up!

Here's a little amazing news that will stop you from every spending your life savings at Sephora again! Women spend an incredible amount of money on makeup every year- just take a look in your make up case! How much of it do you actually use anyway? Katie reminded me of this makeup line I saw on TV a few months ago- E.L.F. ( It was started by a guy who was horrified at the amount of money his girlfriend was spending cosmetics. So he started his own line of good quality make up where everything costs $1 (good boyfriend there, right!). Yup, just $1! ( There are a few things like the mineral makeup collection where some powders cost up to $5- still an AMAZING deal compared to everything else!) Katie has tested out some of the products and LOVES it! There are so many products to choose from and so much money to be saved! I'm going to pick out some things for my mom and sis for Christmas- and definitely some for me too!
Happy Holiday Shopping!


kwilli said...

It's all awesome, and totally worth it! Especially the lip plumper, so pretty ;)

Krystina said...

excellent! In case you weren't sure, I need some face stuff.

<3 you!


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