Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The End of '08

Hey Hotties!
The bf and I left Florida yesterday morning after a fun breakfast with the fam. It was sad to leave because I don't get to see everyone that much anymore since I moved to the US, but I'm actually going back to Toronto in about a week so it wasn't as bad as usual! It just sucks because my little sis isn't going to be there....(I miss you K!) The drive from Florida to Charleston was looong, but not too painful, I guess! We stopped at a mall about half way, and it was definitely worth it- I found my New Years dress!!! I am soooo excited to wear it. I just want to post it right now, but I will wait till I have the whole outfit together! Also, one of my besties is flying in from Toronto to spend New Years here, so I'm sure we'll be taking lots of pics when we're all dolled up! I'm picking her up in about 3 hours and I'm so excited!
Here are some pics from my last night in Florida (wearing: free people dress). Every year we take our cousins out for mini-golf and dinner! This year was Safari golf and then dinner at Hooters! It was tons of fun and, as usual, a little nuts!


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Fashion Moment said...

Thank you darling, and I wish you as I sad, Magical and Gorgeous New Year! :)



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