Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Fun!

Happy Friday my Bellas!
This is for Linds- this is the silk jumpsuit that I made and took to NYC with me! 
Today will consist of some much needed house cleaning and closet organization! Also, my parents are coming here this weekend for a visit so I will try to come up with a fun itinerary. 
I'm going to do some wardrobe decluttering which will clear a little space for some new purchases! I'll be back in a bit as I have some VERY exciting makeup news- you will never have to break the bank at Sephora again! Seriously, does anyone else feel like that if you walk in there, it just sucks your money away before you even know what happened?!? Anyway, stay tuned... 

1 comment:

Krystina said...

Care! you are awesome! (and so is this outfit)


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