Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unbelieveable Discovery

Hello Snugglies!

Last weekend in Charleston, Joe's dad gave me an early Christmas present. I have to share it with you guys because I swear it is the best invention EVER! I don't know how I survived winters without this before! Drumroll's an ELECTRIC BLANKET!!! One of my least favourite things to do is get into a freezing cold bed and have to lie there for 15 minutes (or more) curled up in a ball, shivering! Now, with my luxurious new blanket, I just turn it on while I'm getting ready for bed and when I hop in, you better believe it is toasty warm! I'm considering getting a second one for the couch! So if you know anyone who is always cold, This is really the prefect gift! Plus, if you get a queen or king size, it comes with 2 separate controls!!! This way, if you significant other is always warm, they can put it on low or not have it on at all! Is this GENIUS or what?! Seriously, it has changed my life! Maybe I will get a battery powered one too and sew it into a body suit so I can wear it around the house....hmmm...

But really, get this blanket. It is rocking my world!

1 comment:

kwilli said...

AHHH the electric blanket I love it!!!! Now the only problem is getting OUT of it! :) xox


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